Let’s RandeVu Community Guidelines

Let’s RandeVu (“LR” or the “Service”) is a sharing community that aims to encourage positive experiences between its users. To preserve our unique environment, we ask that you follow the following Community Guidelines. All terms not defined in these Community Guidelines will have the meanings set forth in the Let’s RandeVu Terms of Service and End User License Agreement. As a user of the Service, you understand and agree that LR does not approve, control, or endorse the content posted by other users or the services made available by Service Providers, but merely provides a platform and service for members of the LR community to engage with each other.


In addition to having the right to stop you from using the Service if you violate these Community Guidelines, we may remove certain kinds of sensitive, offensive, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate content.

·       Treat fellow members of the community with respect and good will. Act in good faith and assume others are acting in good faith as well.  While we do require certain documentation from our service providers, we do not verify all users’ identities or their statements made on the Service, so while we hope you can trust each other, always be alert in your dealings with others.

·       Be conscientious about the content you post on the Service. We do not permit graphic content (including those depicting gratuitous violence) or other content that may be harmful or offensive to others in the community, or inconsistent with our community goals. When contacting other users, make sure you are taking the time to consider your tone (and make sure you read others’ posts carefully) to avoid misunderstandings.

·       If you are a Service Provider, make sure that the services that you offer are family-friendly (we do not permit services of a sexual nature), of good quality, and most importantly, that the services live up to any assurances you make. Additionally, you assume complete responsibility for all services provided to each Client and for compliance with all laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to your services, including obtaining all necessary certifications. You must maintain high standards of professionalism and quality of service. Remember that the way you treat other users can impact your reputation on the Service. When drafting your description of your services, you should carefully consider whether any special terms are necessary to protect you and Clients from misunderstandings, confusion, and disputes. For example, we recommend that you include a refund policy in your service description. If you are providing a service, you should include a detailed description of the services provided and consider any special circumstances communicated to you by Clients (e.g., if you are a chef, “vegetarian, gluten free, no onions please”). These are just a few ideas and you should think carefully about your service description. Some specific services that we definitely do not allow you to offer on the Service would be anything related to or that facilitates:


o   Drug use or possession and/or drug paraphernalia;

o   Firearms and/or weapons;

o   Hazardous or unsanitary materials;

o   Lotteries, raffle tickets, or sweepstakes;

o   Pornography or other sex work;

o   Medical, health, or safety-related items or products (especially if regulated by the FDA);

o   Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes;

o   Services that promote, support, or encourage hatred toward or that otherwise demean or bully people for any reason, including by reason of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation;

o   Services that promote, support, or encourage hate crimes or hate-based organizations;

o   Services that promote, support, or encourage acts of violence or harm towards others or towards oneself; or

o   Services that are illegal or promote illegal activity.


·       If you are a Client, make sure to pay for what you receive and act in good faith in your dealings with Service Providers and in evaluating their services for others. Remember that LR has no control over the quality, safety, or legality of offers listed or sold on the Service, and that all prices are set through the Service Providers. LR only provides a marketplace for you to view Service Providers’ listings, and all payments are processed through a third party service provider.

·       Do not intentionally make misrepresentations, obfuscate information, or mislead others.

·       Do not infringe others’ rights. This includes intellectual property rights, property, privacy, and publicity rights. LR does not affirmatively review what you post but we reserve the right to remove any allegedly infringing content or restrict your access to the Service in accordance with our Copyright Policy.

·       Do not mess with the operation of the Service. That includes trying to use the Service for anything illegal, spamming others, interfering with the security-related features, reverse-engineering or attempting to obtain the Service’s source code, or uploading any malware or other harmful or annoying code.

·       If you must criticize other users, try to do so politely and constructively.  Examples of personal attacks include: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, religious, political, ethnic, national, sexual or other epithets, or intolerant speech directed against another; accusations about personal behavior; and threats (including threats of legal action, physical violence, or vandalism) or other similar emotional or psychological attacks.

We may block content that violates these Community Guidelines, and may suspend or disable accounts of users who repeatedly violate the Community Guidelines (or in the case of individual violations of an extreme nature).