Sam Ajouz, CEO



Afshin Nahid, COO



Boris Gundelach, CTO




The vision at Let’s RandeVu is simple. When booking services in the lifestyle industries, clients are looking to directly book the provider they want for the service they are looking for. Clients should be able to effortlessly book the complete service within one simple app privately and securely.

Clients want to develop trust with their provider and know exactly what to expect. Other businesses and platforms attempt to standardize the quality of services provided with their employees through trainings and strategic marketing strategies but often fail terribly, leaving a horrible client experience.

Think about the last time you went to a salon or barbershop and your stylist or barber was unavailable. How did you feel before getting into the new provider's chair? Did they provide you with the same level of service whether better or worse? Clients don't just want a haircut, they want an experience and want to know what to expect each time.

We live in an era where service providers use mobile tools such as social media to promote their brand and business like never before. A service provider's name and social media profile is their brand and reputation. It conveys a story of the experience they can offer. A potential client typically builds confidence in booking a provider after reviewing a provider's online presence, specifically social media. Once a client is ready to book the service they want, they typically turn to email, calls, direct messages and texts to contact the provider. And that's where the experience falls apart.

Naturally, the typical email or response time for a busy provider can take up to several hours days. Couple that with insecure payment methods and the inability to know the provider's authenticity, clients become hesitant to book the service.

Let's RandeVu, or LR for short, aims to be the revolutionary new way to book services from independent providers you see online. LR's advanced mobile platform allows for customers to communicate, schedule, pay and even video chat with their desired providers directly through the application in an efficient and secure fashion. Since most service providers have identical client book flows, LR is the one stop solution for a variety of services.

LR service providers are all background checked professionals or qualified specialists that utilize the latest technologies from our mobile application to manage their business and brand. Since there's no company calculating overhead costs, LR providers are able to individually charge their lowest price to their clients depending on the experience and skill set. A complete solution for a new generation of service providers!

Let’s RandeVu is not an employer but a network of independent quality providers that are looking to build their own business and brand. Let’s RandeVu believes in the entrepreneurship spirit and supports these providers by providing a one stop simple tool to solve their business needs.